Greenhouse: tomatoes, eggplants and bell peppers

Today we finished planting plants into our greenhouse. It’s full now… but doesn’t look so! I bare in mind, that plants will grow and need space.. And I planted all wrong! I guess…
I planted short plants in the middle – where it’s highest spice and tomatoes in outside rows. Well.. we will see! 
We had three yellow cherry tomatoes and three black cherry tomatoes as a gift and now they are in the pots since these are ok to grow on balconies etc.


Let them stay in greenhouse and root in the pots and then I will get them outside. Also, the left corner of the greenhouse is clay and it was easier to plant in pots – also I can move them, then take soil out and bring “good” soil in. I hope other tomatoes will be ok in this soil. Also, I made liquid fertiliser, but that is another story 🙂


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