Omelette with Pumpkin

If you have leftover pumpkin puree you can make Omelette with pumpkin. It’s easy and requires fewer eggs than a regular omelet. Also, this omelette¬†I like better than one made with fresh pumpkin.       Love salty breakfast and Pumpkin Omelette isn’t exception :). Without further ado, recipe below! This recipe requires one quarter cup of pumpkin puree Ilze

Linna’s kitchen: Tuna salad

OK. This is getting serious! Linna (only 3 years old) are willing to help in the kitchen! No just small jobs like adding water to a pot or just mixing salad… but bigger once like – making a salad! MAKING! Our favorite one is tuna salad (in winter)! We eat it on the toast and with avocado (if lucky to […]

Crabstick salad with Chinese cabbage

Sometimes Janis brings such “terrible” thing as crab sticks… which doesn’t have crab in it at all! But… when he did, I’m happy to make a bowl of salad or eat it “terribly” unhealthy on bred with mayonnaise :). Don’t say anything… I know… I know ūüôā If you are interested in the recipe, here you go: Ilze

Yellow split peas with carrot and bell pepper

Yellow split pea stew is my favorite¬†winter dish! This is a dish from a childhood except we didn’t eat it with ham… we ate it with lard. This is my luxury¬†version that includes carrot and bell paper and onions are fried¬†in oil together with ham. There is no need for the recipe I guess, but if you are looking for […]

Curried Bulgur Pilaf with chickpea & vegetables

This is something that I end up with a few days ago. This dish supposed to be a vegetable risotto… How I ended up with curried Bulgur Pilaf? I listened to myself.¬†Took the carrots out of the fridge.. and onion from an onion basket… then rice…no.. this time I want bulgur.. ok.. how about chickpeas? What are they waiting for […]