Our travel trailer / camper

Let start with the name. Is it travel trailer or is it camper!? Both words are fine with me!


First family travel trailer trip through Europe vs  First family camper trip through Europe.

Ok, Ok! I can’t wait for it (the name doesn’t matter)! I’m so excited and the girls are too! It feels like it would be a new beginning… for what?! A different way of living. Being close to nature, breathing, slow living, traveling, seeing places, visiting friends and having sunny days… Yes, yes! Don’t worry – I know there would be rainy days too…and bored kids, empty stomachs, and cold shower, no electricity, empty fridge… but we are trying to be prepared. At least I think so…

….l said it like it is possible to be prepared with 4, 2 and 1 year old…

All our “getting ready” is divided into two big parts:

  • Electricity:  Janis is responsible for electricity. We are planning to install solar panels on the roof of the trailer. And the reason for that is our dream to stay in nature without trailer parks.
  • Other: everything else. That includes EVERYTHING! Sounds fair enough, right :)? Starting with breakfast and ending with a good night sleep... laundry, bathing, cooking, and fun activities in between! I have no idea how far from “DONE, now we can go!” is Janis but I now I have a lot to do and think over. For example, how we will sleep in our trailer?! It’s for 4 people… We are 5! And girls sleeps like all the children does not so calm and I’m not sure they can sleep all together….

I will make blog posts about how we are doing with our JOBS! Now our travel trailer

History: We found our travel trailer in Germany the last year in September. Drive all the way from Latvia to get it! It’s 1 850 km one way! Now it’s stored in the barn and we are waiting for the spring to get it out and start to move in!


P.S. Picture is from the advertisement of our travel trailer!



9 thoughts on “Our travel trailer / camper

  1. looks like it is going to be an amazing adventure. It looks more like a tent to me. Does it fold up and store in a trailer and you hitch it behind your car? How long will you go for? Can’t wait to share the adventures!

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    1. It is a tent that came together with the travel trailer. It doubles the living area. Travel trailer + Tent = 2 times more place. I will post more pictures as soon as our travel trailer will be in our yard :). This picture is from the seller.

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