Tagine / Tajine food

I’ve had such a short time together with my Tagine… Why? I loved it so much! I cooked in it twice a week (sometimes 4 days straight) but today.. today it has ended. Ended cause my Helmī (1 y 5 m) simply get it down from the table where I left it.


I left it with the thought, that it is heavy enough for here to simply push it down from the table. There were leftover veggies inside from the yesterday and I thought while I cook the omelet she can eat the veggies if she likes… And she did… and I was walking towards here with the omelet and she made a sudden move,  almost fell from the chair and grabbed on to tagine….


And that’s it. No more tagine for me! The top wasn’t on the table, only the bowl. Now I have the top part without the clay plate. It makes my wanna cry (it was a names day present from my husband!), but I’m happy it ends that way! Why? Our kitchen floor has handmade clay tiles. If Helmi had fallen she would have most likely injured herself.

And I’ve checked the Muhamors shop and they have clay plates!!! For an affordable price!!! Nice!


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