Crossing the border and pit stopping a lot

Since we had long, long drive through Poland and we all were tired we decide to drive “slower”. Making more pit stops along the way. We didn’t want to develop disgust for traveling to our girls… It was hard. It seams that I also need time “off the car” and we stopped every 30-50 km 🙂

We start from Łozina in Poland at 10 am and had in Hellingen at 9pm. It’s a bit more than 600 kilometers. It wasn’t easy but we are here. Visiting family friends and relaxing. We had wonderlull evening together and we are happy that decided to go there first and then to Berlin. We wanted to go to Berlin today… but that’s another story 🙂


11 thoughts on “Crossing the border and pit stopping a lot

      1. Yeah, and it is a BIG city. There is some amazing architecture and a friend recently did a post on the zoo. It looked quite good. Or perhaps it is time for more nature adventures in the countryside. Cheers

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  1. A better day it seems. Pit stops are good. I am sure the children appreciated the breaks. Sometimes it is about the journey as well as the destination. I am sure you will all have wonderful (well mostly) memories of your trip. Plenty of stories anyway! Enjoy!

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