Few days without driving

Our first destination was family friends that live near Coburg. Last time we saw them was 6 years ago. There is only one change since that and that is – I’m a mom. That’s a big change! I remember how I and Janis were daydreaming in the garden back then…

We drove more than 1600 km in three days and we were tired.  We needed a break. First, we thought that we stay there just for the night and get to Berlin in the next day (Nelles Godmother lives in Berlin and can’t wait for us by that time!). 

But after we sat there for a few minutes and talk we wanted to stay more! We listened to ourselves and stayed there for one more day (and a half, actually).

We decide to leave our caravan here to be faster. I have to pack all the clothes and stuff we need for few days in Berlin. I had everything in the caravan but know I need to pack everything in the car. Again 🙂

I was daydreaming in their beautiful (a bit magical) garden and enjoyed every single minute we spend there. There was quiet and peaceful. Exactly what needed before a big and crowded place like Berlin. And that is a different story!


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