Having fun & walk in Berlin

Berlin. Oh. I am surprised! I can’t even describe my feeling. First of all – I haven’t been in a big city for a long long long time! These past 3 years living in the countryside made me country girl!


Nelle met her godmother and we stayed with here. She tried to convince me to go out and have a drink in a restaurant. Or go with girls and visit Zoo, LEGO land and other good places Berlin have. But we haven’t been seen each other for a while and just stayed home and talked.


Later girls had fun in the nearest fountain. First, they watched others and then tried themselves. They were screaming and jumping and crying and laughing. All for free! Eyes were sparkling and lips turning blue. My girls were happy.

We had walked in the nearest park. First I was scared to walk in the dark park cause in Latvia you might be attacked. But here in Berlin, it’s safe. Surprised again! No one tries to talk to you or come your way to ask for a cigaret or money. And park… is more to my heart.



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