Nelle turns 5!

Nelle turned 5! She had her birthday in one of the Berlin’s park. The day started early and Nelle got here birthday crown from Godmother and called herself a princess.

We woke up early – had breakfast and went to the park to be sure we had the BEST spot in the whole park. And we did. We sat under the tree and the sun didn’t get us there!

This was something for me – park, nature, birds, ducks, and other animals. Green and even had a pond with fountain. Beautiful. We took bread with us to feed the ducks.

We had a wonderful barbecue in the park. Nelle is 5 now and I can still say – we haven’t spoiled her. She’s still happy about little things and doesn’t ask much.

Big thanks and greetings to Viola, Nelles Godmother! Thank you again!


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