My happy place

As you know we were in the Berlin for a few days and the main reason was to see Viola – Nelles Godmother and to celebrate Nelles 5th birthday.

We decided to leave the caravan near family friend’s house and drive all the way (more than 400km) to the Berlin just by the car. That was a good decision. We were faster and spend less time on the road. But if you ask me… no really, if you ask me – I missed my caravan. With kids, it’s always easier at home.

Even the caravan is the mess right now, we were back from Berlin at night – 2 am and threw everything in and fall into our beds. We were tired of driving – we left Berlin at 6 pm and was “at home” at 2 am…. Toooooooooooooooooooooo much sitting in the car! Now we don’t have any plans or destinations. Finally, I can say – we are done, now we can start the journey.

Girls had a ride in the wagon for the first time. They headed to the playground and I stayed home to clean the caravan and make it sweet home again. I wasn’t lucky – it’s hot and I can’t move a muscle. 

For us, it’s hot here and the best thing to do is lie in the shade and drink plenty of water. On Tuesday we tried to visit Coburg but it was so hot and girls were tired of sun and the heat that after a short visiting in one of the Coburgs local school’s WC (we couldn’t find any other public WC in a hurry) we left Coburg. We still want to visit Coburg and see the castle but I guess we should go there at night.


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