A bit about our home and my allergy

Before I’m starting to share the photos of house repairing let’s explain the situation:


I felt so sad and helpless after we returned home. My eyelid allergy is back and it showed up only spending 15 minutes in the house! And it’s not just me! Helmī had a runny nose every single day before we left for the caravanning. We are back and so is a runny nose!!! In the caravan, we both had no problem!

My first thought was to run back to the caravan and spend the whole summer there…and then? Second thought was “leave this terrible house!” (this isn’t our house we are watching it over for 3 years now)… but where to go!? Build our house? We aren’t sure! Just take kids and camera and run away!? No! It can’t be right! We have to do whatever it takes to me this troublemaker house our home again!

We sat don’t and made a list of things we can improve in this house. Like a wooden floor for example. It’s made of untreated boards and it’s not easy to clean all the dust and I don’t wanna know what lives there! Also, this house has a lot of untreated wooden elements that cover in dust regularly and isn’t easy to wipe off.

Kitchen. It’s still unfinished with unpainted plasterboards on the walls. Impossible to clean! We made “temporary” kitchen 3 years ago! The main reason – it’s not our house. And the owners are far away in Australia dreaming of coming back for more than 3 years now!

It’s interesting how I changed myself to be able to live there for the girls. Not worrying about “when we have to leave?” and “where we will live when they come back!”. This house gives us freedom – we have the roof over our heads and beautiful nature around us and we don’t have a mortgage loan (or whatever you call it!).

So.. long story short. Janis had to work and I’m the one who is making the necessary repairs! My plan is to learn something new every single day 🙂 and enjoy the process! Switching off all the “what if?” and doing it for myself!!! Finally!

When we moved in I was breastfeeding and too tired to think about necessary repair. Later on, I was pregnant and then breastfeeding again. So many excuses not to do things that actually brings me joy :). Interesting. Now I’m surprised what I’m capable of!




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