DIY: Natural wooden floor restoration

I even don’t know how to call it! Restoration or finishing! This wooden floor was left unfinished for more than 6 years. We moved in 3 years ago and decide not to finish it (sand it). Linna was just born and Nelle was only 2 years old. I had no time nor willing to do that. Now we decide to […]

A bit about our home and my allergy

Before I’m starting to share the photos of house repairing let’s explain the situation: I felt so sad and helpless after we returned home. My eyelid allergy is back and it showed up only spending 15 minutes in the house! And it’s not just me! Helmī had a runny nose every single day before we left for the caravanning. We are […]

Midnight / Is it Full Moon?

It’s midnight and it looks like a full moon from where I’m sitting right now. We are back home and… decide to repair the house! Now I’m spending my days scrubbing floors before applying natural flaxseed oil for wood. We have a natural wooden floor never treated before. It’s gray and needs to be polished before treated with flaxseed oil. […]