Nelle’s in the kitchen!

I was outside with my camera and when I came inside, I was surprised! I found Nelle (5-year-old) in the kitchen with the bowl and handheld shredder! I asked Janis – what is going on!? And he answered that Nelle is making a salad! Her first salad ever! She never wanted to be in the kitchen. Well, maybe few times helping me mix cake ingredients together. But this time she was there on her own and by her will!


What she did. She opened the fridge and took out cheese, carrots, and garlic. Washed the carrots, peeled carrots using carrot peeler (not knife). Cut the ends of the carrots and cut the big chunk of cheese. Then shred them on the handheld shredder. All I had to do when I walk in the kitchen was – add fresh garlic and mayonnaise.


She mixed everything. I made this salad day before and she loved them cause I told her the truth, that fresh garlic keeps sneeze away. Know I know that there is the way how to feed kids fresh garlic.


Since Nelle isn’t a big fan of helping in the kitchen I don’t know if making a salad on her own at the age of 5 is ok. Is it something that kids need to learn by a certain age? For example, peel the potato using a knife!? She doesn’t know how to do that! My mom remembers herself by age 4-5 peeling potatoes….

What is your opinion!?


22 thoughts on “Nelle’s in the kitchen!

  1. The first I remember was taking my mother breakfast in bed when I was 7 years old; she was ill and subsequently often ill so I, as the eldest of three boys, became chief cook on many occasions, which has stood me in good stead for my whole life. I’d get Nelle a safer potato peeler but other than that I’d say leave her free. What a lovely ‘surprise’ for you!

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      1. Yes, ‘new potatoes’. However, I never peel those. My potato peeler works both right and left handed (pity we can’t put pix in a comment) and saves more potato than a knife, unless you’re very dextrous. Yes, I’m on with household chores too but make an excuse for a short sit down now and then (ie frequently 😜)

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  2. That’s great your Nelle wants to be in the kitchen! I think you know her best so introduce her to the skills you think she is ready for. As she gets more experienced, she’ll be able to do more advanced things.

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  3. She is such a brave child. To make salad at her age without help from you is amazing. It’s okay as long as it’s safe for her. I have my five year old daughter who loves cooking but never got the chance. I’m inspired by your post to allow her make an easy meal. I’m sure to be there to supervise for her safety though.

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    1. It’s harder if you look. But simple things like mix cookie dough from premeasured ingredients is where to start. Measure everything and let her mix wet with wet and dry with dry and then together. If she loves cooking you need to encourage and show how! Don’t expect perfection!

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