Dark & Unpleasant

This pond is in the Janis parents property. In the spring I love to walk to the pond and sat in the swing and watch how Nature wakes up.


Few days ago I took my walk and can’t believe my eyes. It was so dark, so mystery, so unpleasant…. I took the picture and walked away it felt like demons lived there… and wanted to grab me and drag into the cold, cold water… Brrr….

Love Mother Nature!


12 thoughts on “Dark & Unpleasant

  1. We have a similar small lake close by in the grounds of what was originally ‘The West Yorkshire Paupers’ Lunatic Asylum’. Every time I think of that name I shiver; it later was given a more acceptable name. Now it has been largely converted into ‘luxury’ flats but stories of ghosts abound. petronela says she would never live there. We visit the lake often but not on dark days and Petronela would certainly not walk to it at night!

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    1. 🙂 This pound usually are so beautiful with waterlilies. In summer we like to swim in it … this time of the year the water was so dark and steady, all the waterlilies were dark from frost we had… I felt strange… spooky 🙂

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      1. As far as I know nobody swims in ‘ours’ except ducks, moorhens, water voles and, from time to time, seagulls who come inland when it’s stormy at sea. Lots of bullrushes but no water lilies.


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