Puddle selfie

Yesterday wasn’t a good day. It felt like “Friday the 13th. I got a headache. All girls were crying and didn’t wanted to go to kindergarten. I guess they had a wonderful weekend. Mondays are hard in this household especially when the weather is gray and rainy.

I had a short walk, a bit longer then I use to, but maybe not that brisk. I had to make selfie in a puddle. All the road was in puddles. I hope this day will be better.

Take care,



9 thoughts on “Puddle selfie

  1. I hope so too Ilze. I don’t know what’s happening with headaches. Petronela had one; not usual for her. My blogger friend in Bucharest, Iulia had one. And – I had one, first time for a least a year as they are very rare for me. The wonderful ‘selfies’ made me smile though.


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