A visit from a friend

My old-time friend visited us this weekend. We laughed and cried the tears of joy together. Last time he was around here was at our wedding 7 years ago. After that, he visited us in Riga on one of my birthdays about 5 years ago, just before Nelle has arrived.


He has been through tuff times lately but I’m glad he came. We were up talking until 5am!

No rain or wind on Sunday could break our good time! We had a walk in crazy weather and silly faces afterward. I love Helmī’s face! She’s learning so fast!

Thank you, Mario, for coming over! It was nice to meet you!

Ilze & Family

P.S. I’ll kill 13th with good memories. This morning is “grumpy” and “out of control”… good, it’s not Friday 13th…

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