Making gingerbread cookie dough!

We spent some quality time together with girls in the kitchen. Nelle and Linna asked if they can make gingerbread cookie dough… and I said: “Why not! Go wash your hands and look for the apron!”.


This time HemΔ« didn’t want to listen to me and didn’t followed our simple rules so she stayed with father and watched a movie. I guess she is a bit too young to mix the dough “nicely” and without involving my htc πŸ™‚


As usual, we start with taking out everything that’s needed for the recipe. Then we measure and then we start the dough making process.


So, Nelle and Linna got separate bowls and ingredients and were ready to start making the “Christmas atmosphere”. They were happy for such an opportunity and did follow my instructions! Thank you, girls!

So here we are… ready to open our Christmas pop-up cafe … in few years πŸ™‚


P.S. You can find this simple recipe in my previous blog post!

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