Yesterday: Library

Yesterday we were in the library. It’s something special to us. We don’t visit library very often. Actually, this was the second time in the library as a family.


I thought a library is something boring and full of books that no one can read through! But as the previous time (few month ago) also this time we were surprised! It was -17C outside and inside was so warm and sunny! We were in kids department (of course!) and it was interesting to see a lot of kids around.


We find out that after 20 minutes there will be a premiere of the film kids made in January. A very interesting short movie about city Gulbene. Animation using paintings and colored characters all made by kids!

There were few girls filming “drama” with “crazy doll” (I would call it horror movie!) using her smartphones! Interesting.


So we were there having fun and it was hard to say goodbye. I tricked them with “a visit to a cafe”! We never go to cafes – it’s hard with kids! So this was our first time in ages 🙂



6 thoughts on “Yesterday: Library

  1. What a lovely library visit! So many beautiful books and things to look at. We love to visit the library too. I usually go every two weeks, check out books to read at home, then go back.

    I only have one ten month old son but he gets so excited about reading!


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