Happy Mail Day #8

I was so happy to receive a package from Eddy! First, because I ordered handcrafted homemade soaps from Eddy’s family and second, Eddy has tomato seeds that are “old-fashioned”.  What I mean by that?! I can grow a tomato and then save seeds for the next year and it will grow and will be the same tomato :). Thank you, Eddy!



Also, another package has been delivered to our house… and that is a lovely book for girls “Where Can an Elephant Hide?”. Thank you, Dimi for sending that! I had to read it (not translate, but read!) right away! Don’t know how much they understand but tonight will be translation session :).


7 thoughts on “Happy Mail Day #8

  1. Delighted you got the soaps from Eddy, another tyke. I’m sure you’ll find them great. As I’ve said, I now use exclusively – to shower, shampoo and shave (I’ve used goats’ milk & geranium for about two years now). Super the book arrived too as the Latvian post office list of prohibitions strangely includes ‘printed documents’ or something like that but it was difficult to imagine children’s books were prohibited. I hope the girls enjoy the story in translation.

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