Jigsaw Puzzle #1 Estonia 100

This year’s first Puzzle is from my Best Friend DžīDžī. She wanted to gift me “calm scene” but gave me HARD one 🙂 or at least I thought so until I received the puzzle from Dimi 🙂

Thank you DžīDžī for such a lovely present!

This puzzle is “Estonia 100” and represents Blue cornflower, that is Estonian national flower since 1968. For Estonians, the flower symbolizes their daily bread – the rye bread. Estonians have almost like a love affair with rye bread (and us Latvians too). Estonians have been baking bread for over seven thousand years, bread has always been considered as one of their most important food product – one can say that bread is the symbol of food in Estonia. When starting a meal Estonians wish each other bon appetit saying – “Jätku leiba!” (may your bread last).

Is it true!? I need to ask my blogging friends from Estonia! Is it?!


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