What is another word for BUSY!?

So, what is another word for BUSY!? I had a dream and another woman had it too… and now we have a project to make this dream come true, together!


Today I worked on the first part of this project and what can I say it’s so good to do what you love and do it together with people that love what they do too!!

Looking crazy!? YES 🙂

This project will stay secret until it will be finished… November 2019! But I hope to share something along the way!


Fingers crossed,


P.S. By the way… I’m ill! Somehow I manage to get well for 4 hrs to do what I love, now back to the bad… I bet that 1-meter deep ditch full of snow I felt into is responsible for putting me back into bed :). Need to be back to normal on Thursday!

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