Field of Rape

“Rape” is such an unfortunate name! I have feeling it’s canola?! Now all the canola fields are in bloom and they look so good against the blue sky or other “green” fields!


So far it’s – GOOD! But then there is something I hate about these fields!!!!


I really DO HATE!  And that is SPRAYING! Chemicals kill the bees and that is unacceptable to me!


I wish we loved more and be less greedy. I stood next to the field and it smelled so well, I hope they won’t spray it!

We are lucky not having huge fields around the manor. All fields are cut for hey! Definitely not sprayed with chemicals!


13 thoughts on “Field of Rape

  1. It is a shame they spray, lets hope that will change in the future. We have a supply of organic oil from a friend and it is a lovely oil to cook with and use in salads, although I believe most of what is grown is used in the biofuel industry.
    I seem to remember that canola was a hybrid of rape developed in Canada (I’m going to have to find out now ):)

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  2. What I like about canola fields is when they are in bloom the sea of yellow brightens up the air. It is like someone turned up the sun. Thank you for reminding how beautiful those fields are in bloom.

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