Digital Art

Ups and Downs, but in dark times comes bright ideas! Do you remember Marley? Dark times bring dark thoughts… Since I don’t know how to draw… paint… sketch. Played around in photoshop and made this: Instagram account: artfromthephoto Ilze

Wedding Anniversary

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary! I baked a honey cake (a huge one! tripled the recipe) and cooked “Karbonādes” (made from pork loin) but not to just celebrate with the guests but to work hard in our manor! Instead of asking everyone to come and celebrate we asked to come and help! The best present is “more hands” and […]

Old analog TV antenna

The old analog TV antenna last winter was a huge problem in my mom’s roof. She is living in flat in old churches house. She isn’t owner, she’s renting for ages. I spend my 18 years in this flat. And back then we had analog TV with heavy & big antenna. In the winter the wind tilted it down on […]

Hot day!

We are having a few very hot days in a row! Today it’s  +29 C tomorrow it will be +30 C It’s hard to stay committed to blogging, had 5 photoshoot this week already. One more on Saturday! Means a lot of work for me! Not all are paid, I do free photoshoots – my own projects as well! After […]

Field of Rape

“Rape” is such an unfortunate name! I have feeling it’s canola?! Now all the canola fields are in bloom and they look so good against the blue sky or other “green” fields! So far it’s – GOOD! But then there is something I hate about these fields!!!! I really DO HATE!  And that is SPRAYING! Chemicals kill the bees and […]

Old Chestnut tree and its manor!

It all started five years ago when we were living in Ozolkalns (small village near Gulbene, Latvia) for a year. We couldn’t decide to stay here or buy our property somewhere else. We even thought about moving to Germany, that sounded real with two small kids :). But we are Latvians and wanted to stay in our country even sometimes […]

Nelles Birthday

Yesterday was a lovely day with my biggest girl Nelle, who turned 8! EIGHT! Can’t believe! The day started as planned – with a crown for Nelle and balloons in closet! After that, I and Linna did a photoshoot for the family :). That means Linna took picture of us, and then  I took of Linna and others but the […]

May 4, Restoration of Independence Day

We had a very cold night -6C, all the plum trees and cherries already were in blossom! No good! Today is our restoration of Independence Day (from the Soviet Union). We went outside to see if the plums and cherries are ok, but I doubt, cause all the petals were falling… Made a photoshoot with two of my girls in […]