Yarrow tea

We were on the bike ride and found a field full of Yarrow. The good old Yarrow! It’s been used in our family as a cold treat for ages. I remember how my grandmother collected it in the nearest fields and picked every single flower cause there wasn’t plenty!Since we moved from city to countryside I dreamed about collecting Yarrow […]

Ivan Chai (Fermented Rosebay WillowHerb) recipe

Rosebay willowherb (FireWeed) or Ivan Chai. Ivan Chai is a delicious & caffeine free tea that is made from fermented rosebay willowherb.     This year for the first time I made this tea by myself. The first package of Ivan Chai I got from the family friends 2 years ago. Since that, I don’t have green tea or black tea at home. […]

Local vegetable tagine with pork mince

Another tagine recipe from our kitchen is with minced pork. We are buying pork from local certified Organic farm Purmalas and cooking together with Latvian winter vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and onions. The same here I start this after a breakfast and it’s ready for lunch. One-pot wonder that is easy to make. Delicious!