Not the Honey cake, Honey!

Sorry to those who waited for the honey cake recipe from Helmī birthday! This is better than honey cake! “What’s that!?!” with the surprised face I asked Janis… “Bicycle!” “That I understand, but why it’s there!? Where did you get it and why we need another bicycle!?… Tricycle? Or whatever that is!?” O_o “That is used electro-cycle for you!” “!!!??!??!” I […]

Old Shelf – New Life!

We have an old shelf (like really old – almost 60 years) that was used for storing grocery jars like flour, rice, sugar, etc. Now it’s time to clean it, sand it and finish with flax oil. I can’t imagine such an old shelf always being natural to finish with lacquer. Before: It’s time for the shelf to shine. To […]