Day #170

Nelle is still sick and Helmī is accompanying her. Now – two ill and it feels like this stomach virus is spreading. I hope no one else catches it! While girls were sleeping I worked on labels for honey. My friend has honey bee farm and she is selling honey, pollen and bee bread. I love honey and especially when it’s […]

When you are sick

There are different types of sickness and different feelings about it. Mainly I don’t like to be sick!!! But sometimes sickness is an opportunity to stay in bed and take care of yourself… but sometimes sickness make you suffer a lot and you feel tired and terrified! I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m terrified… I’m hoping it will end soon! Ilze


I have to postpone all my plans and actions related to the Etsy shop. Girls are ill! Nothing serious, but being all at home where Janis try to work from… is serious! Or at least “good workout” for me! Linna was ill on Friday (only temperature – about 38.8C). Now she’s having running nouse. Nelle got temperature about 37.2C on Saturday, […]