Bring spring inside

I love bringing Spring indoors by displaying extra long branches on an easter table. If we speak about flowers in summer than I can say it’s very rear and special occasion if I’m bringing blooming flowers inside. I love them better outside.


What relates to extra long branches – I love them! Every spring I bring few branches inside to force them to bloom on Easter. I usually do that 3 weeks before. But guess what? I forgot this year and now it’s only 2 weeks left! But that didn’t stop me.

I have my branches settled in a big crystal glass in the middle of the kitchen. But I should find a more stable place where no one dancing around… since I received Fiskars Pruning Shears as a gift and cut a bit more branches than usually…


But this time I have one branch from a plum tree, a cherry tree, a bird-cherry tree, and a larch tree. I wanted from a birch too, but it already was enough :).

Got home and put them in a warm water to speed up the blooming. And all I have to do now is wait. Wait. Wait… and Wait.

Spring from inside out,


P.S. Thank you for helping me out, Jodi! 😉 

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