Getting ready for Līgo

As I wrote yesterday – tomorrow is Līgo. And if the weather will be nice – we will celebrate it. About Latvian traditions on Līgo and Jāņi, you can read in my previous post.

I’m a busy bee today. Time to clean caravan and get ready for tomorrow’s celebrations. First things first – I have to get cheese (Jāņu siers) recipe from my mom and buy all the ingredients to make it. I thought we will be back home by this time or far far away from where time flies and no one cares about Jāņi ;). I will make cheese tomorrow morning to get festive.

Also, our plan is to bring girls to the meadow and make head wreath together. My girls don’t know how to do that. I guess I was only 5 when I learned how to make a wreath and did it every Jāņi and later on in the summer.

Later at night, we plan to make a fire. But it depends if it will rain or not. So, that’s our plan. My brother and Ilona will be on the boat trip along the river untill late night.

I hope to remember few Līgo songs and teach them, to Nelle. We’ll have quiet and nice time together.


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