DIY: Meadow flower head wreath

I love natural flower head wreath. Usually, here in Latvia, we make them on Jāņi (more about Latvian tradition called Jāņi read in one of my previous posts) or on a wedding day.

So here is how I make it. I learned it from my grandmother and she learned it from her grandmother. All you need are flowers and thread.

Step 1: Get the flowers from the meadow all you can make the head wreath by walking and picking up the flowers right from the meadow while making.

Step 2: Twist two flowers together like shown in the picture above.

Step 3: Twist next flower around the stalks of all previous flowers. As shown in the picture above. And continue with different flowers. Add more than one flower at the same time to make it thicker. If there are too many stalks (too bulky), cut few and continue until it’s long enough to fit on the head.


Step 4: Put beginning and end together so it overlaps of about few inch. Take the thread wrap around in between flowers and tie together. Cut the remaining stalks. And you are ready to wear it! As shown in the picture above 🙂



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