DIY: From Crib to Bed

All my 3 girls are sleeping in beds now. It started with the caravaning. All the girls slept in one twin bed for whole travel. There wasn’t any problem. I used pool noodles to divide space. And now when we are back home we don’t need crib anymore. So, I’m free to experiment! I would love to try to build a bed!And guess what I started and I did it. I build a twin size bed for a crib.


troll bed
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And guess what!? I did it! I build a twin size (140cm by 200cm – I’m confused with names!) bed out of the old crib. First things first!

We had this crib for more than 5 years. We bought it for Nelle, then Linna had it and now it was with Helmī. But since we don’t need a crib anymore and we are setting up a separate room for the girls I decide to rebuild it as a bed.

Extra piece on four legs


Our crib was 70 x 140 cm and caravan mattress is 140 x 200 cm. I build an extra piece (140 x 130 cm) on four legs to support the mattress and got twin size bed for two of my girls to sleep in!

I didn’t fix both parts (new piece and old crib) together for easy to get underOr


Space saving that is! Linnas bad is a kind of bunk bed and goes over the twin bed. I had to change the position of the stairs, but it wasn’t a problem after I build that extra peace for bed :). If I’ll have time, later on, I’ll try to scrub all the lacquer and paint Linnas bed white too. Or not…!


But for now, I’m more than happy (!!!) with the results!


And I was so excited to share that I can’t wait for pictures to be hung on the wall and curtains be made and put on. I can’t even make the bed and put pillows and fluffy girls toys in for the better look! This doesn’t need a better look! I did it! I did it! I’m excited, I’m crazy, I’m fully charged 🙂




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