Summer time / Hay time


Finally, the sun is here and all the small (and also the big ones too) farmers around us make hay. I love the smell of freshly cut grass and also smell of freshly collected hay.


I saw that our neighbor made the hay and I had time to take a walk with my camera. Usually, after the grass is cut the storks are flying to visit the field. They are looking for small animals like frogs and snakes.


After the grass has dried up it’s time to turn it over and dry again. Then there is a lot of small birds looking for seeds and worms.


And then after the hay is put in bails the common buzzard visits the field. Sits on the bail and looks around… for the dinner of course!


P.S. Common buzzard is from my archive. I saw one yesterday but I didn’t have the right lens with me 🙂





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