Frozen inspired summer day / Day off

This is the day off for my girls. They didn’t want to visit a kindergarten so we let them stay home. Actually, I’m sneezing and don’t plan to do any repairing/renovation job today.


Girls found Elsa dresses… and run around singing “Let it go, let it go” half of the day.  Those of you who don’t hear “Let it go, let it go…” in your back yard very often, Elsa is a queen in Disney movie “Frozen”. My girls are huge fans of her! I put those dresses away a few months ago. They didn’t want to wear anything else but Elsa dresses. It was too cold for them to walk around in these dresses in April. Since now is the July, hidden dresses magically showed up and everyone was happy. Including me! I had a day off (pretty much) too!


8 thoughts on “Frozen inspired summer day / Day off

    1. Thank you! I took this picture walking by… usually I can’t walk by I have to participate, answer the questions, tell stories and play games 🙂 This time I can just walk around… 😀

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  1. What lovely girls you have. Until I wandered through your blog, brought to it by ‘blueberry’ cobbler, I hadn’t realised summer came to Latvia so late. My wife is a big fan of Frozen, but she hasn’t acquired an Elsa dress – yet!

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    1. 🙂 Maybe she wants Annas dress! But about summer – it should be there in June, but some how I can’t call +17C…+19C and rainy a summer 🙂 August usually is sunnier and if we are lucky higher temperature… +24C… +26C


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