We had first snow on October 26.  That snow didn’t stay for long, only two days! When girls saw the snow in the morning (together with the deer family) they wanted to stay home and build a snowman!


So, why not. We build two small snowmen and by that time it was raining, so we placed them on the old water well. That old well has a roof!

Pula & parents
In this picture, there are two vets. One with experience and one very good newbie!!!!! Janis mother Ilze and Janis sister Paula 🙂 And dad Viesturs.


Our snowmen stand there and were safe for a while. Nelle already knew what they look like. These two look like grandma Ilze and grandpa Viesturs.

We love Ilze & Viesturs! They are full of humor and so energized! Always finding joy in hard work like getting wood from the forest, planting new trees, growing vegetables and taking care of fields! They are working hard, but they don’t realize that – they are enjoying! They are loving it!


P.S. We are happy about Paule, who’s starting here own veterinarian praxis! GO, GIRL!

28 thoughts on “Snowman

  1. Great snowmen and a great idea to build them under cover. We should have been building snowmen here according to weather forecasts last week: “Arctic conditions”. It never materialised and the ‘worst’ we have had so far is frost the day before yesterday and this morning, though very slight this morning; I didn’t need to defrost the car windscreen.
    If and when we get snow Petronela will be out there building a snowman for sure, and out there with her camera. I might be tempted to take a walk 😜

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  2. The first snow is so magical!!! And what an adorable picture of the new veterinarian. She should be jumping with joy. It is a lot of schooling and an accomplishment to be very proud of.

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    1. It was a lot of schooling! And I’m happy she did that (it was one and half year ago) – she was pregnant (6 month) in that picture! Never give up 🙂 And now she has wonderful boy, who celebrated 1st year in september. Pumpkin! 😉

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