Few days off

Janis changed his work and have a new contract since 10th of January. He decided not to dig in until this Monday. So, Janis had few days off – seven working days if be exact! He spends that time doing what he normally can’t. Usually, we shop our food here in Gulbene, but since Janis didn’t have to work we went to Madona (only 50 km away). There are items we can’t find in Gulbenes shops, like fresh salmon, egg noodles, sushi mat, etc…IMG_20180120_160301_297.jpg

This time was special (just don’t laugh!), we were just two of us cause girls were in the kindergarten… what it means!?  I didn’t have to run after Helmī, didn’t have to check if someone adds something we don’t need to our shopping cart, there wasn’t a problem choosing buns and no one fight over the place in cart.


And after our relaxed shopping, we had a lovely time chatting while driving home. Did you know we have our own cloud maker in Gulbene? See picture above!

Now Janis is in the Riga for the whole week… and I’m alone with girls at home! Only girls allowed 🙂


P.S.Usualy I don’t like shopping… or so I thought! If it’s food or bookstore… and without kids … 🙂

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