Another shaker card!

OK. Do you remember our first shaker card!? I was inspired by Lana and her shaker card “Hello”! Nelle came home from kindergarten last Thursday and announced that her teacher is leaving on Friday! “She will have a baby and we have to make her shaker card!!!”… I paused… “It’s only a few hours till the bedtime, Nelle! Maybe we can buy here something tomorrow morning before the kindergarten?!”

But Nelle knew she want’s to make a shaker card. It’s not like you can’t make a shaker card (with the kid) in two hours, the mess that was in my craft corner made me worried. So.. We went upstairs and made a shaker card and mess got even bigger! I can’t find anything in it anymore. Next up – craft corner cleanup!


18 thoughts on “Another shaker card!

  1. I warmed you, making the shakers can get addictive! I am glad your daughter wanted to craft, I love crafting, and I have been lately every day. Please, check out the coloring challenge on Instagram, it is for both kids and adults. Do not mind the mess, it is just the part of the process. When you create a card, things can get disorganized. Not a big deal, I promise.

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  2. Ah, how lovely. I have such happy memories of when my daughters were that age and the same thing happened. I sometimes wish I could whisk us all back to those times. Now they are studying and working they come home and tell me how other people behave and I feel so sad sometimes. The world is not always a nice place for our children to go out into. At least you are teaching your children the right way to behave and it will pay off in the end, I believe. Best wishes. Karen x

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