Now all three girls are ill. Even Helmī have a temperature. No flu… something else. We stick to a lot of C vitamin, herbal teas, and few meds…

Girls are puzzling and I’m doing my best to keep them in bed and happy! It feels like I’m next!


While girls were sleeping I’ve tried to get my card making stuff closer. Started with sorting out documents and books in livingroom’s bookcase, hoping to get few shelves for my cardmaking stuff! I can’t walk upstairs and when girls are in the kindergarten no need for me to be upstairs… I’m multitasking all the time, so I need to be downstairs to prepare a meal or… load laundry… to put an eye on a cat or clean something. Also, I like to switch between chores & pleasures. If card stuff will be closer, I might make a card more often!


25 thoughts on “Update

  1. Sorry to hear the girls are still unwell and, probably, the nurse too. On a brighter note, the first picture of the girls sitting on the wondowsill, in yesterday’s post, melted my heart. Hope you all feel better soon.

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    1. I love those small moments for example this one… Nelle is posh and her tea cup also is! Helmī don’t mind anything, so her’s cup is “everyday” use and Linna, she is “worker” so “travel mug” :D:D:D Their choses are “so true” showing who they are 🙂 Did you notice!?

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      1. I did notice and, as you say, they seemed to portray the personalities which have come through in your blog postings. Capturing moments like this is so important for you and is one of the things which makes your blog such a delight.

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  2. A nurse in me says, wash your hands a lot, sorry. Yes, you are next, a respiratory infection spreads from one family to another, unfortunately. Love your idea of moving your crafting stuff downstairs. Then you can work on a project a little at a time when you have a few spare minutes. I hope your cute trio will get better soon.

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