First thing in the morning

Nope! It wasn’t “opening up the package I receive yesterday with restriction – do not open until 20th February”!


It was 5-minute morning yoga stretch! Yes, I finally started to do something to get most out of my day. Last time I did something was Pregnancy yoga 6 years ago. It was gentle stretching with a good portion of breathing.

Here I am… 6 years later… with extra 25 kilos and sore muscles trying to convince myself to do at least 5-minute morning yoga EVERY DAY!




14 thoughts on “First thing in the morning

  1. Good luck with that. Sounds to me as though it will be a good thing to do. My morning exercise is drinking a ‘proper brew’ 😜 but I do walk a lot during the day one way or another. And, of course, ‘Happy birthday!’ to you. The sun has come out for you here – it’s only 1,500 miles away.

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      1. Actually it is just stretches and poses that I have learned in classes. I really need to focus on flexibility in my hips and shoulders, so those are the poses I target. I also subscribe to Beach Body on Demand which has many, many classes to choose from that I can do at home.

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