Getting busy

Busy…. I don’t like being busy, busy, busy… It means my priorities aren’t set! If you are busy to do something … that’s is weak goal setting!


Maybe it sounds hush but it’s true! Believe me! If I’m too busy to write a blog post then the blog post isn’t that important. Something else come across!

So it feels, that I’m getting “too busy” to blog but we will see!


21 thoughts on “Getting busy

  1. I found some time ago that I could not maintain a blog post every day and it would not surprise me if you found the same thing with all your plans and a delightful family to care for. So, don’t feel pressured to blog every day but please don’t desert us completely. We love you.

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    1. The problem is to be updated with all the news and answer to all the comments. It takes time and I want to read everything and think about… and then at the end… I spend 2 hours in wordpress.

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      1. I understand that problem perfectly. It’s why I follow few blogs and do not want a very high number of followers. I rarely put a ‘like’ on a post without making a comment also (to me that is far more meaningful), and I try always to achnowledge a comment on mine. That can so quickly get out of hand.

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  2. I sometimes I have to step away a couple of days from blog world 🌍 to rejuvenate. I work about 50 hours a week and have two young children. In my case, when I don’t post, it’s usually to rest my brain lol 😁. Yea we all have priorities

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      1. Yes! It’s a thing! You come stronger and motivated. Blogging is a fun hobby for me and if it ever gets to a point where I’m feeling stressed or pressure, I step back. I want to enjoy my hobby not being stressed about it:).

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  3. There is no way I can do everyday posts, I do 2 times per week and sometimes that seems too much for me…my blog is not very popular, but that’s okay, I do it for the few followers I have and for myself🤗 Your blog is the most enjoyable to read of all the blogs I follow, if you decide to do it a few times a week, I’ll still read it and I’m sure your other followers will too❤️

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    1. I’m doing it for myself! I don’t have time to get through all the pictures, but I have time to scroll down my blog post history… and see how much wonderful memories we have! This is the reason why I’m doing it in the first place. Also, I love people reading this and comment, through all your comments I have inspiration and encouragement! I’m thankful to have you all! And few special “friends” all around the world, like you! Thank you for being there! I will blog, cause I really like it!

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    1. No, I meant… thinking and speaking in Latvian… then I have to switch to english and write in english while everyone around making noise in latvian :). I hope you understand… switching from one language to other sometimes makes my brain burn 🙂

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      1. Ilze, You blow me away…You are amazing, no one would ever know that English is not your native tongue…Do you know the intelligence it takes to not only speak another language but to write in it, and do it so well…Please know how special you are💜

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  4. Fair point! Unfortunately, I only really have English (and sometimes I struggle lol) so don’t have any real understanding of the pressure you experience. May be it is best to have a break…for as long as you need.

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