Jigsaw puzzle #2

I found the pictures of another puzzle I did over weekend!


So, actually, we started with 500 piece puzzle on Friday night and continue with two big 1000 piece puzzles.

Three puzzles in total 🙂


6 thoughts on “Jigsaw puzzle #2

    1. That is fine! The main puzzler was 5year old and 4 year old (almost) 🙂 So, don’t expect 3 year old to do this! Also, Nelle started puzzling at age 4, but Linna at age 3! It depends on weather he likes it or not! Maybe he is future artist, singer not constructor, inventer 🙂 You don’t know that 🙂

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      1. That is true, for now we have found their favorite thing to do and that is painting on mirrors, we have a big one low enough and got them “glass-friendly markers”, lets just say that we don’t use that mirror for anything but the mess they create, it’s the best though 🙂

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