Busy is a strong name I don’t like to use! Usually, I would say – in hurry, don’t know how to prioritize, need to set my goals, deal with this/that… I’m never busy! Busyness kills and won’t give joy and certainly not an inspiration!


Yesterday I had to sit down and plan my day, cause I had two photo sessions scheduled and had to spend time with my family too. At the end one photo session canceled and since I planed everything I’ve tried to find another model, without success (Lāsma, I’m looking at you :)).


I had a lovely time with my family and Džeina came over. We picked teas: Alchemilla/ Lady’s mantles and jasmine and had fun talking with no hurry. And the best part we met in a photo shoot at evening, like it was planned :).


Today I’m working on picture editing from yesterdays photo shoot and drinking herbal tea from English porcelain (THANK YOU, DIMI!!!!)

And you might ask – why am I doing this… well it’s related to my business! Can you guess now?


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