Busy is a strong name I don’t like to use! Usually, I would say – in hurry, don’t know how to prioritize, need to set my goals, deal with this/that… I’m never busy! Busyness kills and won’t give joy and certainly not an inspiration!


Yesterday I had to sit down and plan my day, cause I had two photo sessions scheduled and had to spend time with my family too. At the end one photo session canceled and since I planed everything I’ve tried to find another model, without success (Lāsma, I’m looking at you :)).


I had a lovely time with my family and Džeina came over. We picked teas: Alchemilla/ Lady’s mantles and jasmine and had fun talking with no hurry. And the best part we met in a photo shoot at evening, like it was planned :).


Today I’m working on picture editing from yesterdays photo shoot and drinking herbal tea from English porcelain (THANK YOU, DIMI!!!!)

And you might ask – why am I doing this… well it’s related to my business! Can you guess now?


6 thoughts on “Busy!?

  1. The Royal Horticultural Society say Lady’s Mantle is good to plant in flower boders or under roses. No mention of tea (of course, unlike Latvia relatively few people here in UK drink herbal teas. I learned it in Romania and have at least a dozen different one here brought back from Romanian. I have a great story about How I began; I must blog it sometime.
    I’m sure the jasmine tastes all the better from Portmeirion! 😃

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    1. I can’t recall how I began 🙂 cause it is how you say – we all drink herbal teas. we pick them – if not, mom or grandmom does ;). Every Latvian has a family member that lives in the countryside 🙂

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      1. It’s much the same in Romania but in addition there is a large chain of shops (Plafar) selling herbal teas which the city dwellers who have ‘lost contact’ with the countryside (sadly) use.

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