Herbal Tea

I love to pick my own herbal tea and by that, I mean from fields and gardens. Every year I promise myself to collect even more (in amount and also in variety). I have several herbal tea books that are a good guide if there is an illness in our house. Like now! My herbal tea collection will end soon […]


Busy is a strong name I don’t like to use! Usually, I would say – in hurry, don’t know how to prioritize, need to set my goals, deal with this/that… I’m never busy! Busyness kills and won’t give joy and certainly not an inspiration! Yesterday I had to sit down and plan my day, cause I had two photo sessions […]

Coltsfoot – Finally!

Nelle is better, so she was in kindergarten for half day and then in art school.  She was home at 2:30pm. Nelle: “What about coltsfoot?!” Me: “Hmmm, last time we checked they were starting to open, so today (a week later) they should be in full bloom. Let’s go and see?!” Nelle wanted my cardigan and scarf to be sure she […]

Jasmine tea

I remember my first time drinking green tea with jasmine. It was terrible and I needed some time to try it again but after that, I was completely in love with jasmine. I don’t know if jasmine that grows here in Latvia has all those benefits that Chines jasmine does but this is the only tea I’m using for flavor, not […]

Ivan Chai (Fermented Rosebay WillowHerb) recipe

Rosebay willowherb (FireWeed) or Ivan Chai. Ivan Chai is a delicious & caffeine free tea that is made from fermented rosebay willowherb.     This year for the first time I made this tea by myself. The first package of Ivan Chai I got from the family friends 2 years ago. Since that, I don’t have green tea or black tea at home. […]