Coltsfoot – Finally!

Nelle is better, so she was in kindergarten for half day and then in art school.  She was home at 2:30pm.

Nelle: “What about coltsfoot?!”

Me: “Hmmm, last time we checked they were starting to open, so today (a week later) they should be in full bloom. Let’s go and see?!”


Nelle wanted my cardigan and scarf to be sure she will stay warm, looks funny!


It was sunny so we took a small basket to collect coltsfoot for a tea. Glad we did! Coltsfoot plants are useful in treating respiratory problems like asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, colds, and coughs.




17 thoughts on “Coltsfoot – Finally!

  1. That’s interesting; here the coltsfoot are not out yet but the celandines are. Tomorrow I’ll probably to collect wild garlic, and nettles before the get too big. Nettles make wonderful soup and I prefer them to spinach as a vegetable. Sorry I was too busy to go for the wild garlic today as it would be great in your salad wraps.

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      1. Here wild garlic is really plentiful and we have a lot 10mins walk from home. If we remember we collect nettles for winter and put in the freezer, but you are right they are better fresh. We usually ‘forget’ anyway.

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  2. This is all new to me, I’ve never heard of coltsfoot or nettles, however, I do know what garlic is, but we don’t have wild garlic that I know of in our area of the country, it would be wonderful if we did. I’m going to look them up and see if they are called by another name here:)

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