Herbal Tea

Our plan for today was town festival, but we had to cancel it. Nelle is ill and we won’t go without her! We like to be together when going out.


Instead of the town festival, I went to woods to collect birch leaves. Why in woods, not in bushes?! It’s so summery, dry and dusty! Dust isn’t good in your herbal tea and washing herbal tea before drying isn’t good either! Woods in the perfect place where to go when it’s hot and dry.


I collected birch leaves and red clover! I was surprised at finding it just before going inside woods! Perfect dust free place!

Birch leaves are good for skin. Red cover boosts the immune system and prevents infections, detoxifies the body.


9 thoughts on “Herbal Tea

  1. So sorry to hear about Nelle; I hope she’s well again soon. I learned only a few days ago, of birch leaves as a ‘herbal tea’, when I did my post on the ‘teas’ I bring back from Romania. You say it’s good for the skin. I understand also it’s a diuretic and good for the kidneys. You’re so lucky to be able to collect all kinds of ‘herbs’ in a clean environment close to home.


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