Almost Christmas!

And once again it’s been a while since I wrote something in my blog! Have no excuse… if only I’ve been busy with a lot of Christmas photoshoots at my studio, listening to online photography courses, dealing with viruses and household. Everything is nice! I’m having few days off… spending under a blanket and with the teacup in my hand… hoping for recovery! On 27th of December I should be back in my studio shooting more Christmas photoshoots.

HM1A7714 2 copy

My girls… using Christmas tree baubles as earrings. They don’t pose cause I’m her mother :).

Almost Christmas. Feeling lazy…. and will stay in the bed as much as I can.

I try to love myself more… and more every year. Working without weekends for 3 weeks.. well – now it’s time to get well and “charge” for next photoshoots 🙂



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