Christmas and A Good Job

This year I wondered about what is going on in senior homes and care centers. How those old people (and not only old but also 50-year-olds that can’t move) are celebrating? Do they have families? Do they come over!?

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-19 at 15.02.32

I decide to make them believe in magic and bring presents for Christmas. There are 33 people in that “one particular, near to us” care center. Half of them can’t move. Big thanks to my friend Anda! She knows care center stuff and asked what they need!

SO I asked others around to donate a bit of money to buy them presents.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-19 at 15.02.31.jpeg

So we made it and had 33 presents to deliver on Christmas Eve! Thank you all for donation (if you are reading)!

Now I believe in magic too!



8 thoughts on “Christmas and A Good Job

  1. What a wonderful way to teach your little girls about giving back. It’s so important that children learn the true spirit of Christmas comes from giving even more than getting. I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as you.

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    1. It’s about giving for our family. Girls got one present from Santa and since I limit presents on every ocation they were super happy about that one 🙂 And I love seeing happy faces (but without getting greedy).

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