Monday (a day after my name day)

As you know I do this blog for myself to remember and that is the reason why blog post titles sometimes are weird… Like today!

This is lovely Monday already! Sipping coffee and puzzling my jigsaw puzzle! Girls are in kindergarten and I can have a quite & easy morning.

Yesterday was a lovely time together with my family and friends!  Thank you all for coming and making my day! Also to those who greeted online!


I wonder.. how much countries have name days!?

From wiki: “A name day is a tradition in some countries in Europe, Latin America, and Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox countries in general. It consists of celebrating a day of the year that is associated with one’s given name. The celebration is similar to a birthday.”

Love name days!


20 thoughts on “Monday (a day after my name day)

        1. 🙂 All Latvians have comon names, for example Ilze is very comon name in Latvia. But my girls all isn’t in calendar 🙂 Every new parent goes through calendar and choose name… but I wanted something more special!

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  1. We celebrate name days in the Greek community but, t seems more men then women celebrate their name day with larger parties and more recognition. Many of our friends have big celebrations on their name day instead of their birthdays. My birthday and name day are only 1 day apart.

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        1. The Greek list is based on the saint’s name you were given at birth. My daughter’s Is only for her middle name and my husband’s has 2 saint’s names. Is ilze a saint in Latvia? Did you take a saint’s name when making a confirmation? That would work too.


      1. Interesting. I think for some cultures, men have traditionally been seen as mire important and women subservient. So naturally men would be celebrated more. Now that I think of it, the more lavish name day parties we’ve been part of have been for much older men. Maybe it’s becoming more subdued. I’ll have to ask around.

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    1. Birthdays might be bigger, in terms of party! Name day – you don’t aske anyone to came, but you know someone might come! So you have cake to be sure. Birthdays are bigger. Usually flowers but might be presents too! Also, you can invite people if you want.

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