Fully packed Friday

Can’t believe my Friday was so intense! I manage to deal with a lot of house chores and also spend time with girls while Janis was helping to build a playground for Helmī kindergarten group. This isn’t the first time he is helping and I’m proud of having such a nice hearted man in my life!

So… about my Friday! Started with a walk to the manor to open the greenhouse. I know it’s not practical to have a greenhouse more than a kilometre away, but my plan is to fix the bicycle… Nelle and Linna drove a bicycle.


The Greenhouse looks empty, but I hope they will grow! Still need to plant paprika and eggplant on the other side.

Have you ever made coloured nails out of flower petals? No? I did when I was a kid! Every time I walked to the grandmothers’ house (approx. 2 km walk) I pick up violet flowers and used petals as nails 🙂 So I showed to my girls and Linna loved – called these witch nails!

Chores, chores, chores and then… Janis went to help with the playground and “girls night” started with a glass of non-alcoholic wine. Then followed by pizza night.

And grass trimming – did it for the first time! Covered with grass – even in my hair – sat down for Friday night with a campfire, crisps and a long drink with mojito mint from the garden!

Enjoyed evening till 1AM, couldn’t sit longer – mosquitos were terribly hungry – maybe because it was Friday!?

Do you have mosquitos were you live?



4 thoughts on “Fully packed Friday

  1. No mosquitos yet, but they will be here later along with horseflies (bonk) Oddly we dont get mosquitos near the house, but down at the barn and garden they can be a real problem, probably because there are more places to breed. Frogs and storks, a true sign of summer 🙂

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    1. YES! Happy First day of summer! Dunduri – latvian! I hate those more than mosquitos! Mosquitos comes in shadow, can’t fly in sun, but dunduri can!!! And it really hurts when they bits!

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