OMG! I give up (you know I don’t)! Even those who are gardening for ages haven’t seen so many weeds in one plot! Wow! If you walk to my furrows, you will get lost! You can’t find them! If you don’t know the potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot, beans, peas, etc are there – you can’t see them!

Not because of me, because of weeds… A LOT OF THEM!

I did my best! I took care of my furrows and was hoeing regularly until I did every furrow at least 4 times! Two times before midsummer and two after. Usually, that is enough! Also, if I saw a bigger weed I took it out! All my beets, carrots, onions and peas were happy. Then the rain started and it was raining every time I had a day off or free time after a photoshoot! I wasn’t in the field for 2 and half weeks and I lost my fight with weeds!

All my crops are under the weeds and I can’t fight this fight alone! I took care of peas and they are in the freezer ready for winter stews etc. Now, the next step will be – to get my yellow beans out of weeds, cause beetroot, carrot, potatoes and onions are fine!

Little helpers! They did all the hard work with a good song!

All the yellow beans (my favourites, you can eat with all the pod) that are under the weeds are starting to rotten! SAD!

The same thing with greenhouse. The soil was clay and I build the greenhouse on top of it and then … hoped that it will grow! Of course not! I forgot to use my dandelion fertiliser! I admit it… all together was too much! And as usually I don’t know how to start small!