Wooden Cubes Pattern set

We bought set of wooden blocks for girls to play a few years ago. They still use them when playing with other wooden sets but not that much anymore. I don’t like throw away toys (nor other things!). That old set has cubes in it and now it’s time to use them again.


Since Nelle (will be 5yo in May 2017) loved these popsicle patterns so much! I decide to make few wooden cube patterns to see if she loves these too!

We have 3 green, 3 red, 2 yellow and 2 blue cubes from that old set and I made these cards to match our set.

Nelle made 4 patterns right away! And then stopped and claimed that she will play tomorrow again. Will see. I’m not pushing her.

Popsicle patterns are easier than these cube patterns for sure! And that’s good! I like to watch how ‘s Nelle thinking and trying to remember the color cubes. I put cards on the monitor (didn’t print them out) so she needs to look up to see the pattern and then down to make the pattern by herself.



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