DIY: 2 in 1 Waterproof Picnic blanket

I always wanted to have a beautiful red and white checkered picnic blanket. Big enough to for all of us. Waterproof and easy to clean (washing machine safe). Well… I dreamed and now I can say dreams come true!


We have Waterproof, big enough, red and white checkered picnic blanket. I saw the beautiful cotton flannel fabric and can’t resist. Finally, I made it yesterday! It took me few month to get starting and only 5 minutes to finish the blanket. It was easy!


Material & Tools:

  • Red & White Checked 100% Brushed Cotton Flannel
  • Vinyl Tablecloth
  • Basic sewing tools
  • Overlock / Serger (Or sewing machine)


Cut the fabric and vinyl table cloth the same size or fabric a bit bigger than vinyl tablecloth if you don’t have overlock. Serge the fabric all around or double fold and sew with sewing machine. And that is it!

2 in 1:

I didn’t sew those two parts together for one good reason – easier to clean.  Vinyl Tablecloth can’t be washed in washing machine.  Also, the fabric may have spots to clean after each picnic. Also, I can use Vinyl Tablecloth separately as a table cloth or soft cotton fabric as a blanket for colder summer nights.

This picnic blanket set will travel with us through Europe 🙂 and I hope it will serve us many more years :).


P.S. Thank you Adventures of five for inspiration!




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