Foraging for Tea: Cowslip

Primula veris

I love to forage for tea! When I was little we did it together with my grandmother – Agafija. I thought it was hard work. The basket was too big and flowers were too small or not enough.

Happy Faces 🙂

Yesterday I did it with my girls and their grandma (my mom) and suddenly I saw myself 30 years ago :). Generations have changed and some say that children aren’t the same as they were back then… but bring them to nature and you see – they are the same! Of course – those who grow in big cities and never seen a woods before need longer time to “be wild” again 🙂


We will use every single one of them!


My girls are just like Me – if we talk about Herbal tea foraging :). And I knew it so I was prepared. We had two wheels carriage with grandma power! And we were ready to forage for cowslip. The conditions were perfect:

  1. We had time.
  2. The day was sunny.
  3. Cowslips were blooming.
After drying for 1 day.


Our summerhouse’s nearest fields are full of cowslip. And this area is very clean. No need to drive anywhere.


  • Harvest only in the sunny day.
  • Only collect the part of the plant that you plan to use.
  • Don’t over harvest. 
  • Avoid foraging rare and protected wild edible plants.
  • Avoid toxic areas.
  • Only forage plants that appear to be healthy.


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